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Supporting Armenia's democratisation through the institutional expertise

About project

Քաղաքացիական շարժումները անկախ Հայաստանում

The overall project presents the main direction of work of the Armenian Research Center in Humanities. The project is carried out by two phases.

The first phase started in 2019 by the support of European Endowment for Democracy with the aim to further strengthen the Center as a permanent acting think tank, striving to enhance theoretical and practical awareness of the civil society actors and encourage dialogue between civil society, youth, academia, and decision makers in Armenia.

In this phase, a special attention was paid to the questions of higher education. Two projects have been implemented The Higher Education in Armenia and Rethinking University Tradition in Armenia.

As for Center’s wider engagement, series of discussions, webinars, video presentations, researches has been delivered thus forming the circle of experts cooperating with the Center.

The Second phase started in October 2020 in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy, has two main tracks.

The first track is consolidates various segments of the Armenia’s post-revolutionary civil society via transferring the experience gained by the civil movements of 2008-2018 to the current civil society actors.

The second track focuses on identifying the main social groups in Armenia and discussing the possibilities of dialogue among them. This direction aims to contribute to the further strengthening of horizontal ties in the society and preventing the formation of a predominately-vertical social contract, which carries the danger of revitalizing authoritarian elements of governance.

The project is carried out via discussions, courses and seminars in the capital and regions of Armenia both online and offline. The stakeholders of the project are various civic groups and initiatives, academic community, young people with limited experience and decision makers with similar agenda.

Քաղաքացիական շարժումները անկախ Հայաստանում

Դասընթաց քաղաքացիական հասարակության ակտիվ անհատների, խմբերի եւ նախաձեռնությունների համար

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