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The Issues of Higher Education in Armenia

About project

The project “Higher Education in Armenia: Issues and Perspectives” conducted by the Armenian Research Center in Humanities with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and European Endowment for Democracy, is the first of the four workshops that aim to continue and deepen the results of the Center’s conference Armenia 2018: Realities and Perspectives. The purpose of the project is to reveal the painful problems in higher education and to identify the specific mechanisms that cause them. Participants strive to avoid the formal, ornamental formulations we often use, asking not only what kind of education system we want to get tomorrow, but – no less important – where we are today. Only then will it be possible to move from the present model, overloaded with many tangles, to that of the future, without losing the positive elements of the legacy of the past and facing the challenges of the modern life.

The project focuses on the following four themes:

  • The status of universities and their place in society; university financing and self-sufficiency;
  • Current situation in Armenian HEIs and the strategy of the Government of Armenia in the field of higher education;
  • Employment and social problems: perspectives for the graduates;
  • From teaching universities to research centers.

The project starts with focus-group discussions on these issues, interviews with stakeholders and those responsible in the field. This part of the work concludes the workshop where eight experts present the results of their short-term research. Another panel of the workshop is dedicated to the experts invited from Belarus and Georgia, who present the experience of the higher education reforms in their respective countries.

You can find videos of the reports and discussions here.

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