Purpose and Activity

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With a larger vision of modernizing the Armenian society, the Armenian Research Center in Humanities (ARCH) conducts disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in various fields of humanities (political science, sociology, cultural studies, literary criticism, philosophy and others),as well as the organization of scientific and educational activities, publishing and outreach.

In a globalizing world, the study of the possibilities, directions, and perspectives of national self-organization of the Armenian society of major importance for the ARCH.

To this end, it is necessary to engage in ongoing intellectual dialogue with the international scientific communities. This will contribute to the exchange of experiences in the study of contemporary social structures in different countries around the world and the development of relevant discourses descriptive of modern Armenian realities. This exchange implies not only borrowing and creatively adopting existing theoretical models and social practices to the local situation, but also generalizing the results of the Armenian experience of social transformationand bringing them to the international community.

One of the primary tasks of the ARCH is the formation of a communication platform for scholars of Armenian Studies in Armenia, abroad, and in the Diaspora, serving the purpose of effective dialogue, mutual understanding, and cooperation between them.

The ARCH aims at building a critical scientific environment and high professionalism in the field of humanities in Armenia, through conferences and seminars, publication of own and translated works, as well as other tools common in the civil society.

Open dialogue is the ARCH’s main leverage of influence both on state institutions and on public opinion.

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